Sterilized High Quality Piercing Needles

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Sterilized High Quality Piercing Needles

Choose the size as per your requirement. High quality needles. And Precisely made for excellent quality work.
Available in common sizes

External --- Internal --- wall thickness
10G ~ 2.76mm---------2.36mm------------0.20mm
11G ~ 2.38mm---------1.98mm------------0.20mm
12G ~ 2.10mm---------1.70mm------------0.20mm
13G ~ 1.82mm---------1.46mm------------0.18mm
14G ~ 1.62mm---------1.26mm------------0.18mm
15G ~ 1.46mm---------1.10mm------------0.18mm
16G ~ 1.26mm---------0.90mm------------0.18mm

17G ~ 1.13mm---------0.77mm------------0.18mm

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