Easy Disposable Piercing Clamp

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Easy Disposable Piercing Clamp

The revolutionary disposable ear piercing units are made by professional medical devices manufacturer to eliminate the possible cross-infection and inflammation while ear piercing.

Each unit combines self-destroying ear-piercing gun with a built-in ear stud.

It is individually packed and sterilized according to the standard medical requirement.

It is designed mechanically so easy to use that you can even do the ear piercing by yourself!

Individually packed and sterilized, avoid inflammation.

Disposable, no cross-infection, no hepatitis, no HIV.

Easy to operate, easy to locate the pinpoint where you want the hole to be accurately.

Made in 100,000 grade clean room, sterilized by EO gas, Quality guaranteed.

One individually packed antiseptic cloth included for each unit.

Material: Plastic and stainless steel ear studs.

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